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It’s been a while but I am still here

on September 24, 2013

All my life I’ve had dreams. Dreams to become a police man ( yes I was insistent I was going to be a man but hey I was only 5) dreams to become a famous singer, to become a writer, a mission worker , a model , an actor , in short I wanted to be important or known for something.
Now I am a stay at home mom who cooks, cleans, kisses ouchies , makes lunches , does laundry , organizes an whole entire household and yet I often don’t feel important.
It’s only when I take a step back that I realize I AM important. I matter to my children, to my husband, to my family and most importantly to GOD. My role as a mother is to raise the next generation , to I still in them values and faith so that they can become wonderful loving productive people in society . My role as a wife is not only to be the best friend I can to my husband but to love him and cherish him. To support him as he supports me. I also need to show my children what to look for when choosing a spouse. I need to show my boys what a wonderful and loving wife should be like. I need to teach my girls what a wonderful loving wife is. My role as a daughter , sister and family member is to be the best I can be for them . To help when I can . My role with god needs to be that I serve him and love him . To do everything with a cheerful heart and praise him in all things.
So no I may not be famous but I am still here and I am still important.
So are you ! Take that step back and allow yourself to realize that you are important no matter what happens in your life.


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