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on January 12, 2013

Today we ha Z and M pirate birthday party ! It was a big hit . We had friends and family with children come dressed as pirates. They had so much fun and it was nice to see all the kids playing so nice together . ( a big thanks to all who came and made it a success. W love you all very much and are thankful to have you in our lives.
We played a few games . The first game we played you had to pin the x on the treasure. They thought it was so much fun, the only hitch was that we didn’t spin them , I was afraid of the little ones tripping . They enjoyed it anyways.
We also played cannonball basket ball. They had to stand behind a line and throw the cannon balls into a basket . They all really enjoyed this. Turn taking was a little bit of a hardship for N but we made it work.
M and I had made cupcakes the day before which we had baked with cupcake paper decorated with pirate skulls . Each cupcake had a tiny flag on top. It was so funny when one of the younger boys literally fisted the whole thing in his mouth .
Both M and Z opened their gifts. Z got jake and the Neverland pirate puzzles which he squealed at the top of his lungs when he saw it. M got a jake and the never land pirate action figure as lol as a truck and a pirated game .
Everyone wanted to play the pirate game so we opened it. You have to put the sword in the barrel and try not to pop the pirate out the top. Every time the pirate popped out they laughed and giggled. It was a cute game and will be one that we enjoy for a long time .
The finale of the birthday party was to go on a treasure hunt. There was a clue that told them to find one thing which led them to another clue . It was such a nice day that we did it outside . It was fun to see this herd of children running all over the yard to find the next clue . At the last spot was where the treasure was hidden .
M , N and I had made treasure boxes filled with gold coins , candy necklaces , ring pops , sour keys , pixie sticks and a pirate necklace. Their faces were priceless when they found the treasure boxes filled with candy . All in all I think it was a great success.
After the birthday party we went to go see a movie as a present from mom and dad. We watched the rise of the guardians. It was a cute movie and will definitely be on my list to add to our library. The kids loved it .
The seats at the theatre we a type of chair that reclined . The kids are such light little farts that every time they moved the seat would tip on them and the pop corn went flying . I feel bad for the person who has to sweep out that theatre.
It was neat to watch them . It was the first time that M and Z have ever been to a movie theatre. N has gone twice to the theatre before and absolutely loves it . She was so excited to go . You can tell that M and Z had never been . Z loudly laughed through everything even the scary parts. The people in front got a kick out of our kids laughing . It was entertainment in itself to watch the kids enjoy the experience.
After a long day I am tucker out but had a great day . Now I get to relax for a week . Oh wait I am a mom that’s not going to happen well at least I don’t have another birthday party for a week . Then it’s N’s turn .



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