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Is the job worth the risk .

on January 4, 2013

I love my husband but I hate the line of work that he is in. My husband is a emergency roadside assisants operator or tow truck driver if you will. His job is dangerous . Everyday he goes to work he get out of a truck and helps people broken down on the side of the road . He changes flat tires, boost batteries, pulls cars out of ditches, clears crash sights.

This is what people think tow trucks are all about. Well not mater but they are the good guys they help people . They are suppose to be nice guys who are pleaseant all the time .
The truth is they aree those guys but they are also so much more . I hate to say this but people are stupid sometimes when they drive. They dont think. The young teenager who thinks that he can control his car no matter what . The woman talking on her cell phone because she thinks that it is not distracting her. The old man who refuses to admit that he can’t see all that well anymore. The funny guy at the party who is drunk but still thinks he can drive. The mother turning around trying to hand her kid the toy that fell on the floor. The man who is late to his next appointment. Yes these people. All of us. We all so things that leave our driving habits less then perfect.

My husband has to deal with these on a regular basis. And its dangerous . Today one of the drivers in his company had a close call. A car had stalled on the side of the high way just past the corner of an on ramp. A pickup truck came screaming around the corner and hit the back to the tow truck. The driver was on the ditch side and the tow truck pushed him into the ditch. He is ok but has so sore muscles from falling into the ditch. The other driver is alright as well .
This is my worst fear . Someone I know had a close call. All because someone did not slow down and think.
My husband works on the side of these roads. People dont move over they just keep on going. The truck has flashing lights and they drivers all look lnike a neon yellow highlighter but people still dont seem to notice that these men need room to work just like police, fire and ambulance.

I wonder if one day a policeman or supervisor are going to show up on my door step telling me that he is gone or in critical condition at some hospital. These men risk their lifes everyday to help out those stranded at the roadside. They do it willingly. What those driving dont know is the five little children my husband has at home . A wife who loves him. He is so much more then his job but gives everything to it .
I love my husband and I want him to be able to come home to me . Leave room for tow truck drivers to work . They are there to help you be there to help them come home.
I often wonder is it worth the risk ?

Please think about this the next time you drive

P.s if anyone has any suggestions on what they would like to see me post let me know and i’ll do my best.


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