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Yes it’s a post about farting.

on January 2, 2013

Yes my post is about farting. One thing you have to understand is that they all go through a period where bodily functions are conversations that are going to happen and well lets face it they normally happen in the most inapproprite places eg. The dinner table , the checkout line at a store.
In our family farting happens to be the favorite topic. N who has had a facination with farting forever giggles every time she hears the word ( ok so i am giggling right along with her …..).
In our house when someone farts you own it . I don’t know why and the stinkier it is the harder they laugh. I never have to guess which child did it. For some unknown reson it seems to happen at our dinner table. Someone lets one rip and they all laugh including H ( Although i do think that has more to do with the fact that everyone is in hysterics around her ) When i ask who did it the proud owner with the biggest grin always say me .
Then it seems to be a contest to who can fart the most. Of course after the giggling is over they have to say excuse me. We also for the umpteenth time tell them if they have to fluff they need to ask to be excused and do it in the bathroom .
With out a doubt farting is the funniest thing to my children . Yes we are weird and we are proud of it .
Thanks for farting … I mean reading


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