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Politically incorrect

on January 1, 2013

I have to say today I am extremly bothered.
I have been watching a show on netflix that is about these people have been abducted fromthe past and then taken to the future where they were modified and then put back into present day and are suppose to “save” the earth and humanity. They all come back with these “abilities” and a docotor figures out how they have this ability replicates it. Then he distributes it to the general population.
In each episode this special team from the government handles these people with abilities and then later in the seasons those who have injected them self with ability serum .
Now i think the show is great except this last episode bothered me . It started out with people going crazy by being confronted with their worst fears. The government goes in and is trying to find the person who is using their ability to drive the other peoplemmad.
They come into a house where there is this boy sitting on the ground rocking back and forwards and making inchoherent sounds. The mother says the boy has autism . The one agent touches the little boys train and the boy starts freaking out because he took the train out of the order that it was suppose to be .
Later that day the agent goes crazy . They figure out that it was the little boy who was making everyone crazy. The father had injected his son with the ability serum in hopes that the ability would take away the disability and his son could be come ” normal”. Everytime the boy goes into meltdown mode he has the ability to make people feel how he feels at that moment by making them deal with their greatest fear just like he has to everyday.
Then this one guy who has the ability to take diseases away and heal people comes in during the end and takes away the little boys autism. The father is so happy that his son is no longer living in” his own little prison”
Are ya with me so far ?
Now here are my problems.
1) I am greatful in a way that they are trying to make people aware about autsim. Now with that said they have given a very “skewed” view of autism. In a post I wrote earlier I had said that when N was given her diagnosis of autsim I thought of a chid rocking back and forth in a corner making funny noises. I have also said that I had a lot to learn and that my definition had come from media such a movies as well as what i had been told . My point is that while some children may do as the boy in the show it is such a broad spectrum. To use what people think is “typical” of autism is not making them aware it is being ignorant to what it really is . When you have the power to show people what autism is you need to mix it up , to give more of a realistic view of autism or to explain the different aspects of how it affects this specific child . Not to lump all autistic children into one category. Now i do realize it only a t.v show it just really bothers me that when someone watches this they will think that this is the norm when it really is only a small part.
2) my second problem is that the father wanted to FIX his son . Let me tell you something . Children with autism are not broken . They just communicate differently then we EXPECT them to. They need a little more patience and time to learn things . They may not always understand social ques or have social skills . They may have sensory issues . We all have wierd quirks about us that could be “sensory” . We all learn at different rates some slower then others. Some of us have big mouths and spout off everything we think or feel . Other of us may be quiet or hate being the centre of attention . That does not make us autistic but when you put all these factors together you get autism. It doesnt make us broken it just makes us different just as autistic children are different. Many parents of a child with autism will tell you that they wouldn’t fix their child because they are not broken. That doesn’t mean we dont wish things would be a little eaiser for them . Thats where sharing and making people aware of autism and how we treat them is so important. When they showed this “skewed” view autism they are telling people that we need to FIX autism when the solution is to UNDERSTAND them
3) yes i have a third problem. In the end they cure the boys autism away. Now understand as a
parent you want whats best for your child . You do want and wish that life was not so difficult . More often then not your heartwill break when another child points out that your child is different or when an adult says to you “if that was my kid…..”. You wish that you didnt always feel like you were diciffering code. At the same time to “cure” a child and free them from thier prison makes me feel angry. Cure them from what. Autism is a part of a whole being peronality included. Autism does make up who your child is. It effects the way they communicate, they way they think. Without the autism your child would not be the same person . You would be taking away all the things you love about them . For example I love the way N loves the sensation of me rubbing her head. She loves it because that type of touch is calming for her. Take away that sensory and I would not be able to enjoy sitting there with my daughters head in my lap. I also love the way she has to organize things. It means that when i tell her to clean her room she puts everything into it’s proper home. . One more good example would be that the autsim makes her honest. N has the ability to lie but like a lot of children with autism mostly just tells it like it is. When I talk to her about things I never have to guess what she is thinking or what happened. I know that she is telling me the truth. When she does lie shes not good at it. She likes the cold hard facts and can lie but does not have the know how to keep creating the story/lie . So when i call her out on it she tells the truth. Yes sometimes it is not always the best when she tells the truth , pointing out the fact that someone is a bigger person or the colour of their skin is different. These are social graces that we all have to learn and for children with autism that is harder.
Back to the point. I love my daughter just the way that she is . I would never “cure ” her because I dont think that there is anything to cure. To have a t.v show take a stance like that on autism hurts because it tell people that we need to find that cure . That if there was a way parents would jump at that chance. I know for a fact that i would never jump at that chance.

So if your still reading this thanks for hearing me out. I know that its just a t.v show . I just wish that they had done a little more research into it or been a little more sensitive to those who have autism and to those who care and love them . I feel that this type of view is damaging and am disappointed at an oppertunity wasted to tell the truth.



2 responses to “Politically incorrect

  1. I really loved your perspective on this show. You are very right, autistic children are not broken, and it does make them who they are. You are an amazing mom and have a blessed daughter! Blessings!

    • Thank-you. I love my daughter and its important to me that she isn’t stereotyped and viewed as the individual she is as all children should be . God doesn’t make mistakes when we are created in our mothers wombs.
      God bless

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