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Sometimes the best things in life are….

on December 31, 2012

Every year dear hubby’s work put on a light show for the month of December. For three years running we take one night and go for a drive.

The kids always squeal in excitement when they start seeing a the lights. Telling each other to look at that or this one. DH and I always listen to them talk . There is something wonderful about watching your children discover excitement all around them . Hearing the discussions between them .
As we slowly drive through the light park there is a big Noah’s arc. The conversation always drifts to God and how he created everything . Every year we talk about God’s promises to us by re telling the story of Noah . Every year the details start to become more and more in depth . First it was a simple explanation of how God told Noah to build the ark and get to of every animal ect. This year was different . We had an opportunity to talk in depth about the promises that God made to Noah and to us . It was exciting for us as parents to see the seeds of faith taking root.
We continued on through the park . The lights were fantastic . Our children talked about what they liked and asked questions the whole way through. As they talked to each other the love and friendship they have developed shine through . My children really are each others best friends. I hope it stays that way .
I love family time like this . Sometimes the best conversations come out while we are driving. Things like last night were nights that my kids will remember and hopefully one day when they have children they will be able to share nights like this with them.
Sometimes the best things in life are free. Sometimes the best things in life are just the simple pleasures of being a family and being together. Sometimes the best things in life are just a simple conversations.
What are you ” best things in life”?
Thanks for reading . Happy new year everyone









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