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The magic of winter

on December 27, 2012


My kids have been so excited about snow! They have been waiting to build snow men and play with the sleds. I also have been waiting for the snow so that I can kick them out side to play .
It’s funny how when they want to go outside and play it takes twenty minutes to get snow pants , coats, boots , hats, mitts, scarfs ect on . Then it happens they’ve been outside for all of ten imputed when one has to go pee. Then one gets snow down their boot and comes crying to you to get the snow out. Then someone throws snow and the other one is all upset . It’s almost more of a pain then fun .
Then I look outside and see all the pretty snow angles . The little footprints in the snow of where they have been discovering. The half built snow forts and the snow men . Toboggans, crazy carpets and saucers make a for a race that can be played over and over again . Snow mounds bring pirates digging tunnels looking for gold. That’s when I know it was worth it . My children’s imagination has been stimulated and is alive with the magic of winter.
The snow brings a new excitement a whole new world to discover and a wonderment. It transforms your world into a cold white blanket just looking to be burrowed into . It brings a whimsical magic to life as the endless possibilities of the imagination are set into action in a winter wonderland.








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