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It’s my choice not yours!

on December 26, 2012

We all make choices . Sometimes we don’t make the good ones and other times we make choices that could not have worked out any better . The point is we all make choices .
Choices have a ripple effect and no matter wether good or bad it cause a chain reaction of events. The chain reactions cause us to have to make more choices. Some of them easy and some of them not so easy. Sometimes we make the choices willingly and at other times not so . Sometimes we make them for others and at other points we make a choice to let someone else handle that decision . Life is full of choices.
I don’t know who wrote this otherwise I would give them credit but here it is “it is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you choose to react.” I love this quote because its true . I can’t change circumstances ( although it’s the choice I made that got me there in the first place) but I can choose how I react to them.
Recently someone made a remark about how having 5 kids effect my life in a negative manner. This is not the first time that they have said something to me like this.
I turned around and said ” I am only going to say this once. My children are a blessing . I chose to have them . All of them . I wouldn’t change anything . I wanted them , every single last one of them . You need to stop telling me how they negatively affect my life . I don’t complain about how hard it is that’s not saying it isn’t hard at times but I don’t look at it that way . I made my choices and I don’t regret any of the choices I’ve made.
I have said it in one of my earlier post about how people question my husbands and my mental status because we decided to have a big family close together . It is one of my pet peeves and let me explain why . Like I said to this certain some one . This was our choice . We wanted this . We knew it wasn’t always going to be rainbows and sunshine. We knew that we had not chosen an easy path but it was ours to choose .
When people make negative comments I get mad because it was my choice but who are they to tell me that I have made the wrong choice. The people closest to me have said that its not a choice they would have made but if this is what we want then all the more power to us . I don’t expect people to understand our choice to have a big family but I would like the to be a little more excepting and respectful.
What I really want to know is why our choice makes us crazy. If its the financial ? Well I’ll let you in on a little secret . If your going to wait till your “financially ready” don’t have kids . There is never a financially good time so to speak to have kids. ( that is also to say that if you were to feel that it’s not a good idea in your life right now due to legitimate financial reasons then that is also your choice and who am I to say that you shouldn’t wait)
Is it do to the emotional ? Again here’s a little secret . It doesn’t matter every time o have a child your love grows . See love can’t be capped. It multiplies and grows, youlove each and every child individually and in different ways but also equally.
Is it the amount of work? Or the noise level ? The amount of work well yeah it is a lot of work but I also enjoy it . The noise well I don’t mind that so much either . I love the chaos in our house.
My house is full of life and love all because we chose to have five children.
The choices we make are subjected to how we feel and what we logically think as well. I would never tell a mother of one she’s crazy but I know that that wasn’t the right choice for me .I would never tell parents who works and put their children in day are crazy because that’s their choice and even though I may not agree with this decision my self I can’t judge them because its their choice not mine . Everyone has to make a choice based on what they feel is right.
When you make a choice you have to stand by it . And we stand by ours wholeheartedly . We choose to react in a positive manner because this is a choice we made . Sometimes the going gets tough but we choose to see the good because we know that we made a good decision for us .
So the next time you see a big family do me one small favour . Tell them you respect them and even if its not a choice you would make .
Thanks for listening.


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