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It’s not just a dinning room table to me

on December 20, 2012

Today was on of those days where I feel like I needed to do so much but never accomplished it. As I tried to scrub ketchup out of the leaf crack on my dinning room table I was feeling frustrated . I had so much to do and so little time to do it and her i was spending time cleaning off this table so I could do it all over for dinner. As I looked at the table it looks un appealing to the eye . It has dings and scratches and fork punctures , it bubbles a little where hot water was spilt . The sides have milk drips that I haven’t noticed till now. It really isn’t a pretty table but its functional. And it’s more then just functional for homework food and folding laundry on , it’s functional for our family because its where our family comes together to be a family. You could even say that it’s the heart of our house and this is why.
These next three days ahead are going to be quite busy as we head into the Christmas holidays. We have a specialist doctors appointment tomorrow morning followed by a school Christmas concert in the evening. Friday we have to leave to do our shopping after N and M get on the bus. The zip back home to get N off the bus since her day is only going to be a half day . Then to chop up veggies and fruit for our party with my family. Clean the house do a few loads of laundry and then go to the party. Saturday wake up clean the house the best I can . Wrap a few present and then mid afternoon head over to L and T’s place for a Christmas party with them . Sunday is church. Monday is crash day.
So now that you know my schedule is hectic and crazy over the next four days ( if your brain hurts thinking about it don’t worry mines not much better) what are you doing this weekend ? .
I feel like I have no time during my day to stop let alone stop to talk for long period with my children or ill never get done what I need to get done . That doesn’t mean if they ask to talk I won’t stop what I am doing to take the time but generally on a whole I tell them to go play or to clean up this or that and I don’t get a whole lot of time to just sit down and talk.
This afternoon I had a two second conversation with M when he got home . just long enough to ask if his friend got her headband and if she was happy , as well as how his hot lunch was and if there was any mail in his backpack for me . He had his snack and then was sent to his room with his brother to tidy it up .
When N got off the bus and I had a three second conversation with her about the Christmas concert tomorrow night which mostly resulted in a grunt . I asked her how school was that day and she said she had physical Ed. She had snack and then was also sent to her room to tidy.
I went about the rest of the afternoon doing small task here and there , breaking up that fight, cleaning up this mess , I feel somedays like a walking zombie.
And then dinner time roles around and my family sits down to the table , we dish up , thank God for our food and then we talk. And this is why dinner is my favourite time of the day . The rules are simple and clear. No devices at the table and no toys. We talk ,we catch up with each other. My children share their day we me and each other.
Tonight at dinner I discover that M played the elf in his little Christmas clip at school and that they had potatoes and corn and hot dogs for hot lunch and that his one friend brought in candy canes to share. He also told me after the Christmas clip they made gingerbread cookies that they got to eat after hot lunch.
N told me that they played soccer in P.E and that she wanted to play soccer again this summer . She told me she didn’t get a goal but she tried really hard . She talked about how she got a prize for reading all her words in her book and that her and a friend got to read that book to the class.
Z chimed in about the airplane that he had made with Lego this afternoon and that he was going to see his favourite Auntie J on Friday.
They talked about how old they had to be to play soccer. They talked about the Christmas concert tomorrow night , they reassured each other that they were still best friends. We laughed at jokes or funny comments.
The highlight for them was when dear hubby asked me to pick him up a certain kind of beer when I zipped to the store after dinner and I said no because I makes him have bad gas. The kids thought that this was funny and they all sat there giggling , calling daddy stinky and waving their hands in front of their noses. They giggled even more when I said the smell was rotten enough to kill me. They giggled even harder and then they started comparing stinky things to Daddy . Maybe not the best topic for the dinner table but we had fun we caught up, we enjoyed each other
Maybe we are old fashioned but I wouldn’t have it any other way . The dinner table is the heart of our family. It represents the love, the conversations, the arguments, and most importantly the communication of our family. It where we share each other accomplishment, hardships and failures. It gives us opportunity to encourage,strengthen and build each other up . It gives us a chance to show our love , our compassions , our hurt , our strengths, our thoughts and ideas.
So even though it’s dented and scratched with milk drops on the side, I realized that visually it may not be appealing but later on in life when it comes time to replace it, I may just shed a tear or two due to the memories it holds. If only dinning room tables could talk what story do you think that it may tell you ?

P.s if anyone has any questions or any topics they would like me to touch on leave me a comment and I will do my best .


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