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Shopping with kids

on December 18, 2012

My favourite part of having a big family is being together , my least favourite is the comments.
Today I had to run out to the store to grab a few items so the kids would have food for school. M was running a slight fever this morning so I decided to keep him home. About an hour after the Tylenol had kicked in he was back to his usual self.
Now for todays adventure. getting four small children out the door is no small task and it started with the usual . My kids hate socks and only wear them in shoes during the winter or when we are at someone’s house . So I ask the two older boys to put their socks on which M does without hesitation and Z sits there looking at me like I grew a third eye. T and H are ready to go socks shoes coats the whole nine yards. M and Z are giggling about something, so I tell them shoes and coats on . ThIs process for me no matter wether I am on a time frame or not tends to be stressful for me. It’s hectic trying to make sure that everyone is doing what they should be . Their is always one procrastinator in the group which is usually Z. So as per usual Z is the last one out the door.
Into the van we go where four carseat belts are done. On the way we go. fast forward twenty minutes and we are at the store.
Since T can’t walk for long periods of time and since H can’t walk to well I need to seat T in the buggy where the groceries go and H in the infant seat. Already I am getting looks and I know it’s going to be one of “those” days. I manage to walk past the greeter when the first old man I sees says ” boy you’ve got your hands full” . I smile politely and nod.
Dear hubby and I usually have bets on how many times we get asked if the older two boys are twins, how many time someone says we have our hands full , or someone comments on our mental state for having so many children. So count one for today.
I real ly just want to get what I need and get out . We walk up a few isle and grab a few things where I have to tell Z a boat load of times not to touch everything. Z and M turn the corner in front of me and stops . I urge him forward and this elderly lady says ” oh my are they twins.” I smile say no and start on my merry way when she says “are they all yours” I smile and say yes knowing that my age is about to come into play ( yes I look at lot younger then I am ) . Then she says it “oh your to young to have to have that many.” I look her squarely in the eye and smirk saying ” and I’m missing one” . She looks like she just swallowed a bug and her eyes bulge out of her head . all she says is ” wow”.
We continue on our way and within a few short minutes I am ready to check out. Check out lines are the bane of my existence. The kids always ask for a treat and Z and M almost always have to climb on everything. I scout out the shortest line possible but that never garentees anything.
We get into line and without skipping a beat Z climbs on to something and M ask for a treat. With a firm no and a you get down before you hurt yourself they stop. And then it happens my worst pet peeve about shopping .
A lady gets in line behind me and once again the questions start . Are they all yours? Are they twins? The same answers with a polite smile and then she says “you must be crazy” . I hold it in and force myself to smile. ” how do you do it ? ” she asks . And I can’t resist “we’ll I am highly medicate to stay calm you know I take a lot of happy pills cause you know I must be crazy.” I turn my back and ignore her for the rest of the transaction but I looked long enough to see her jaw hit the floor . I’m sure it’s still there.
I gather my bags plunk them in the buggy and start out the store when an older gentleman pulls me aside. Here we go again I thought. “Young lady you just made my day ! I think you handled that woman perfectly . ” I smiled and blushed a little bit that he had witnessed my outburst and said thank you we left and made it home in one piece but if I could go back and talk to that man again I would say thank you again and tell him that he made my day . I’m glad at least he was on my side.


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